We can’t present our team without our two leaders. Ari and Louise can be seen as the animalization of Frederik and Katrien. Ari is the oldest of this duo and can be seen as the big attention queen. Actually Ari is a dog without the typical characteristics of a regular dog. He doesn’t like dog cookies, bones or sticks. Just like his owner he enjoys sailing.

Relaxing on the deck of the boat and listening to the waves is what Ari does all day on the water. He does have a typical instinct for his dog breed. He likes to hunt on ducks but actually Ari is stunned every time about the fact birds, and therefore also ducks, can fly. Yet the IA team is not complete without him.



The young and energetic Louise is our little wivey. Defined by the quote “her bark is worse than her bite” Louise is the drama maker in the house. She is full of energy and likes to play a lot with Ari. In addition, Louise needs her sleep, she’s also a little lazy and don’t like to wake up early.

Louise is a real fanatic hole digger and like to play outside. So you can conclude Louise has more characteristics of a dog than Ari. Sailing is the only activity that eases her mind. Louise is the perfect female match for Ari and the IA team.



With his first pocket money, Frederik bought the book ‘Le Corbusier in Antwerp’. This book and especially his fascination for the house ‘Guiette’ in it, caused him to completely dedicate himself to the world of design and architecture. After his architectural studies at Sint Lucas in Brussels, Frederik started his career. He designed for several Italian high-end companies.

Throughout his 25 years of experience he realized projects all over the world. Going from Georgia to the USA. The genuine tv- and interior fanatics will definitely recognize Frederik as an interior specialist for programs such as 'De Inrichters’ and 'Huizenjacht'. His thorough character and vision resulted in the creation of IA.

His second passion is on the water and especially on the sea. His fascination for sailing and materialisation and techniques of boats is what characterizes Frederik's specialization for exclusive designs. His background and expertise provide the foundation for the IA team.



Since 2014, Katrien contributes to the unique identity of IA. After successfully completing here studies in Antwerp, she immediately joined the team. Her thoughtful way of designing and feminine refinement ensures the final touch for each of our designs. Her graphic talent manifests itself in stylized designs for logos and our presentation files. In addition to this Katrien also likes to take care of the graphic identity of IA.

Ever since she was 7 years old, Katrien finds her moment of peace spending time with her horses. The supportive and comforting feeling she gets from the horses is something irreplacable and indispensable. As Fredrik's partner, she also developed a love for sailing. The peace, freedom and pristine nature is what makes sailing her ideal escape from every day life.

With a huge bucket list, Katrien shows her adventurous character. She still has lot of places to discover but the annual trip to Como attracts her again and again. In summary, we can say that Katrien provides a necessary female touch within the IA team.



His interest in architecture already established itself much earlier but only after high school Antoine chose for the path of interior architecture. His thorough dedication and perfectionism made sure that he completed his studies with excellence.

His nose for refinement, detailing and favorite specialization in bathroom and kitchen design is what makes Antoine the ideal person to take care of the extremely unique and exclusive designs of the Italian brand Strato Cucine.

His drive ensures that every small detail fits the design and that it’s clearly communicated to the customer. His interest in human and behavioral sciences contribute to the transparent communication that IA always strives for. In his spare time, after work, Antoine finds relaxation in a brass band in wich his passion for music can thrive.