We feel the questions arising from your side. What is IA? What are we doing and especially how do we do it? Well some say IA is an atypical office of interior architecture because of our Nouveau Art Deco and Metropolitan style. Some say we’re identifiable by our exclusive designs. We, as the IA team itself, like to define us as an interior architecture office with a clear goal of detailing and refining everything that includes the design. With a client-based approach we like to link the specific ID of the building with the ID of the client with the design as medium for cohesion.

We like to work with high-end and specialised craftsmen so we can combine quality technics with sophisticated materials. IA likes to push it a little further so we’re always looking for the perfect match and the most defined technics. The aim for IA is to be a service providing office for overall projects with actually no boundaries. Our office and especially our skilfully team provides as well assistance as coordination from the first sketch till the last detail. We treat every project as our own handmade luxury item.




How do we work? Off course we will always start with a simple ‘hello’. We like to know our clients, so by asking some out-off-the-box questions we will get the chance to know you a little better. IA strives to create the perfect combination of the clients’ ID, the project site ID and the design itself. So sorry, we do have to ask many questions. We distinguish us by combining age-old indispensable crafts with hypermodern technics and materials for guaranteeing the desired result. This process arises by the triumvirate: traditional, artistic, handmade where IA stands for.

With very detailed drawing plans we make sure that everyone understands the result we strive for. The client will be integral part of the designing process and we try to give them a preview of the atmosphere by presenting renders and moodboards. For us is the project a success when design, timing, budget and result is achieved and the client has the same opinion about that.

“We push it a little further, to be a service providing office for overall projects without any boundaries”