Strato is an Italian company that is situated among the world leaders of design, creation and the sales of high-quality kitchens and furniture. Strato has its headquarters in the heart of Milan in Italy. For Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg our company IA INTERIOR ARCHITECTS is selected as specialists to work with the client to create its extremely refined and unique designs. After the creative brainstorm all of the designs will be manufactured by the masters of kitchen construction in Italy itself.

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The strato Philosophy

Strato was founded in 1987 by Gianna Farina and Marco Gorini as an interior design company. Their shared love of cooking and food inspired Marco and Gianna to create their own tailor-made kitchen. Strato Cucine has always been in line with the current trends of the market. Due to a continuous product and process innovation in which they keep searching for improvements and new solutions related to their technology. Marco Gorini and Strato’s employees share a fine eye for details, quality, technological excellence and exclusive- innovative design. Strato has an exclusive network of carefully selected dealers who present their collections to clients in Europe, Asia and America.

Their sustained commitment to innovative products and their dedication to customer satisfaction is what made Strato one of the best in the world of customized kitchen design. Strato designs for a clientele that demands high quality and performance with a ‘classic contemporary style’ that is able to maintain it’s character and value over the years. In 1990, Strato launched the first NPU kitchen collection with a 20cm thick Corian leaf. This collection quickly gained international fame due to a great quality, the use of valuable new materials and it’s unique design. Over the years, Strato has built up a strong brand that is easily recognizable to the market through the careful and coherent placement of it’s products. Strato products are mainly designed for customers with high expectations on functional and aesthetic level.

‘Classic contemporary style’, able to maintain character and value over the years.
— STRATO Cucine

The Craftmanship from Strato

The Strato factory combines the most advanced production machines and highly specialized employees trained by Marco Gorini himself. The long experience, the passion, the eye for detail and the unique working techniques developed by Marco Gorini enable us to create advanced and unique objects in every shape and size. These elements also make it possible to combine different materials such as stone, marble, wood, titanium, matt or polished stainless steel, bronze, copper, black stainless steel and many others. Strato developed trough the years a unique technique in the use and combination of tools and materials that is as fine as the art of a musician playing his instrument.

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