Custom made sofa

We lucky bastard have the chance to design the sofa of your dreams. Big or small, cotton, velvet, blue or pink we design it all for you. Ready for a custom sofa that is also a piece of art, but the kind you can use undisturbed. Just contact us for an appointment by mail or on +32 3 284 81 50.

“Size does matter, but how you use it matters matters more”

The never ending candle


Yeah, size does matter but what matters more is how you use it. This never ending candle is a unique, custom made design by the IA team itself. Because we like to work with high quality materials and just like to design great stuff we brainstormed about the age-old principle and look of a candle. So after lots of experimenting and testing a robust but streamlined design in 4 different sizes became the result. The size vary between 20cm high with 10cm diameter and 65cm high with 30cm diameter.


You can get all sizes in blue steel, red copper or messing or any other type of steel on demand. The purpose was to create a candle that can be refilled so you can enjoy the smell and cozy atmosphere that a candle provides again and again. This never ending candle is made to be a luxury design item on itself. You like to know more about this item just e-mail us.


CUStom made Knifes

For us interior architecture is so much more. It is about creating a way of life. As you may know the IA team likes unique and very detailed designs. When we opened our new showroom and office in Knokke we were lucky to get a masterpiece of Strato itself. Our inspiration came from the mighty kitchen furniture wherefore we'd love to create a custom made matching knife.

The IA team was already in love with the craftsmanship of Studio Blade. Together we created a knife that has a fine inlay with a touch of gold. The inlay is a pattern inspired on the wedding rings of Frederik his parents. The result is powerful and elegant knife that match perfectly with the Strato kitchen but also would be an eye-catcher in many other kitchens. Like to know more? Or interested in ordering a beautiful custom made set? Contact us.

“Interior architecture is so much more, it is about creating a custom made way of life”
— IA team

Furniture by Andrea Design


At home, great importance was attached to design, aesthetics, to 'tailor-made', to painting, music and all what can be defined under art & design.

Andrea wanted to create designs that are timeless, that makes you happy and are each unique pieces of art. Andrea is known as actress and like to define this collection as a new constructive story in which she should not play a visible role but can operate in the wings and back zone of the design and overall experience. Read her full story here.

The base of the tables is available in bare steel, lacquered steel or brass. The table top is executed in wood, in enamel or in porcelain. We’re very happy to operate as curator and distributor of this beautiful collection. Below you can find a selection of items.


‘Wachters’ from A. Gans


From the moment we lead the curation for ‘Glory.today Antwerp’ we fell for the atmospheric design of ‘Wachters’ from Adalbert Gans. This masterpiece is a handmade glass light object that can give every space, outdoor or indoor an exclusive and unique touch.

Gans is a master in his profession. The oeuvre of Gans is to die for. From the moment we saw this artwork in real life we’re sure that this is what we want for the exposition in ‘Glory.today Antwerp’. We can tell you much more but just look and enjoy. Please take the time to absorb every piece of beauty the artwork contains. Read the vision of A. Gans here.

“The game between dimensions, sharp outlines, shapes and abstract organic color-use create a sense freedom and space, which leads the spectator into my no-mans-land”
— A. Gans
“Treat every design like it’s your own handmade luxury item”
— IA team